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Thursday 29 February 2024
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Our missions

Our Vision

To be a resource hub of knowledge and expertise for up-to-date best practices in higher education locally, regionally and globally. We strive to set the standard for teaching excellence and showcase HKU’s teaching and learning practices and the scholarship of teaching and learning on the world stage through variety of approaches.

Our Mission

To provide holistic and innovative solutions to advance the quality of the student learning experience as articulated in the University’s strategy. We collaborate with teachers to promotes best practices in pedagogy, assessments, technology-enhanced learning and feedback. To accomplish the mission, TALIC aims to:

  1. Strengthen ties with academic departments, offering tailored support and resources to address disciplinary, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary specific teaching and learning needs.
  2. Explore and invest in the development of new educational technologies and ensure their effective integration into the curriculum and alignment with learning outcomes.
  3. Continuously update and refine professional development programmes to keep academic staff abreast of key development, pedagogically and technologically, in higher education sector.
  4. Broaden the range of resources, workshops and professional training sessions for teachers.
  5. Foster a community of practice among teachers, facilitating knowledge exchange, sharing of best practices and innovative teaching strategies across disciplines.
  6. Promote evidence-based practices and data-driven decision making to enhance the overall education experience through research.
  7. Establish a robust feedback mechanism for teachers for expressing their concerns and suggestions to central units to foster continuous improvement and adaptation.

What We Do?

What We Do