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Sunday 23 June 2024
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Curios Metaverse: A hands-on workshop with an educational metaverse

Students as Partners: Inaugural Community of Practice Seminar
Organised by Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, and Faculty of Architecture

Details of the Event:
Date : 19 December 2022 (English) | 20 December 2022 (Cantonese)
Time : 03:00pm – 04:00pm
Venue : RRS 321
Speakers : Mathew Pryor, Lynn H. Lin, Kaia Li


Curios, as an outcome product in a Virtual Teaching and Learning project*, is now open for teachers and students to use in facilitating their daily curriculum activities. Curios is defined as an Educational Metaverse, aiming to create an immersive, connected, and graphically rich virtual working space for educators, learners, and event organizers. In such environment, working processes and outcomes are made visible; social interactions amongst users are promoted; and game elements are incorporated to engage and motivate users in online activities.

Curios was developed since 2021 and has supported over 2000 users within and outside the University of Hong Kong, including some local schools and NGOs in the past two years. In the coming 2023, Curios team is hoping to collaborate with and benefit more teachers and students and enrich the virtual learning experiences.

In this workshop, the basic concepts, and some teaching practices with the use of Curios will be introduced. Participants will also be able to have hands-on experiences on the features of Curios. All teachers are welcome to join the face-to-face workshop!
To find out more about Curios: https://linktr.ee/curiosmetaverse

*Curios Metaverse Virtual T&L project is led by Mathew Pryor – the Assoc. Prof (Teaching) and Assoc. Dean of Faculty of Architecture

About speakers

Mathew Pryor
Mathew is the principal investigator of Curios Metaverse project. He is an Associate Professor (Teaching) and Associate Dean in Faculty of Architecture, and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK). He combines more than 20 years of experience as a practicing landscape architect with teaching and research in the Division of Landscape Architecture at HKU. Through his courses in design, sustainable development, and construction technologies he has developed a pedagogical approach based around the socialization of online learning and transdisciplinary teaching. He was a recipient of HKU Distinguished Teaching Award (2021), QS Reimagine Education ICT Tools Bronze Award (2021), HKU Teaching Innovation (Team) Award (2020), and Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (USA) Excellence in Teaching Award (2019).

Lynn H. Lin
Lynn is the product designer of Curios Metaverse. She is a digital learning designer in Division of Landscape Architecture, and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK). She has the background of Psychology and Information Technology in Education, and her work aims to explore the possibility to integrate various technologies in educational contexts and make online learning social and visible. She was a recipient of an QS Reimagine Education ICT Tools Bronze Award (2021) and HKU Teaching Innovation (Team) Award (2020).

Kaia Li
Kaia is the project officer of Curios Metaverse project and fully engages with the business development of Curios. She has the background of marketing and information management and has relevant working experiences in JD.com. She is skilful in business analytics, social media promotion, and E-commerce management.

For information, please contact: hicurios@hku.hk