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Monday 20 May 2024
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Aspiring to Become an Engineer: Engineering Education Experiences Affecting Secondary School Students Pursuit of an Engineering Career in Hong Kong, China and the UK

Researchers: Dr. Cecilia Chan, Prof. Peter Kutnick, Dr. Rosanna Chan

Funding body: General Research Fund from the University Grants Committee

Timeline: 2013 – 2015

This proposal locates HK at the crux of industrializing and post-industrial countries, with a history of innovative engineering. HK students are offered many technology/engineering courses in upper secondary and vocational schools, and extra-curricular opportunities sponsored by engineering/manufacturing organizations.
Understanding why engineering opportunities have not led to engineering career choice and what is likely to engage students in engineering education in HK (and elsewhere) is the basis of this proposal. Our findings will draw evidence-based conclusions concerning theory (underlying career choice), practice (pedagogies that support engineering engagement/career choice) and policy (contrasting diverse approaches in industrializing and post-industrial cultures).