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Sunday 19 May 2024
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Dr Alex Shum

Dr Alex Shum

BSc Engineering (Queen’s), MMath (Waterloo), PhD in Applied Mathematics (Waterloo)


CPD 1.84
(852) 3917 2450

Area of ExpertisePublicationsAwardsProfessional Community Services

Teaching & Research:

Training for teaching assistants, mathematics and engineering teaching, use of technologies in the classroom, peer instruction, e-Learning.

Teaching responsibilities:

Alex is a lecturer in the Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education course.

Alex’s experience in teaching university courses and working with the teaching centre at the University of Waterloo in Canada have given him invaluable insight in the challenges involved with transitioning from a student role to a teaching role.

Refereed Publications:

  • Shum. A., Optimal Direction-Dependent Path Planning of Autonomous Vehicles. Ph.D Thesis, 2014
  • Shum. A, Morris, K.A., Khajepour, A., Direction-Dependent Optimal Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicles. Submitted 2014.
  • Shum. A, Morris, K.A., Khajepour, A., Convergence Rate of the Ordered Upwind Method. Submitted 2014.
  • Alzalg, B., Anghel, C., Gan, W.,Huang, Q., Rahman, M., Shum, A., Wu, C.W. Contingency constrained optimal power flow solutions in complex network power grids. ISCAS 2012 – 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems , art. no. 6271569 , pp. 1636-1639
  • Valadkhan, S., Morris, K.A., Shum, A. A new load-dependent hysteresis model for magnetostrictive materials. (2010) Smart Materials and Structures. Volume 19, Issue 12.
  • Shum. A., PID Control of Systems with Hysteresis. Master’s Thesis. 2009.
  • Valadkhan, S., Shum, A., Morris, K.A., Load-dependent hysteresis of magnetostrictive materials (2007) Proceedings of SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering, Volume 6523.

Conference & Workshop Presentations:

  • Shum. A., Lee. A., Ekaratne. S., Overcoming constraints to giving supportive real-time feedback on authentic tasks in a HE teaching improvement course. International Conference: Assessment for Learning in Higher Education at University of Hong Kong. 14-15 May, 2015. Accepted.
  • Shum. A., Direction-Dependent Optimal Path Planning for Rovers, 4th New York Conference on Applied Mathematics at Cornell University. 9 Nov, 2013.
  • Shum. A., Optimal Path Planning for Planetary Rovers, Control Theory Seminars at University of Waterloo. 29 November, 2012.
  • Shum. A., Optimizing Power Generation and Delivery in Smart Electrical Grids, Mathematical Modeling in Industry XV – A Workshop for Graduate Students. 3-12 August, 2011.

Professional Community Services

  • 2015 – Reviewer for International Conference on Assessment for Learning in Higher Education